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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I currently have an email address supplied by my internet service supplier (ISP). If I switch to WCCT will I lose all my contacts and how do I tell my contacts I am changing address?

No you will not lose your contacts, but you’ll have to set up an email address that is not ISP-dependent. WCCT recommends setting up a gmail or Hotmail account. If you use an email client like Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or MacMail, your contacts are already in your client so you only have to transfer your email. The process is straight forward: - add your new email address to your email client, - copy the email messages from your ISP-dependent email address folders to the folders under your new email account, and - setup a automatic forward from your old email account so all your new email is delivered to your new email address. WCCT technical support staff can help with the transfer of email and contacts, and provide advice on how to notify your contacts. If you decide to join us at WCCT, we recommend converting to an ISP-independent email service before switching to WCCT.

How does the WCCT VOIP phone service differ from the traditional analog service provided by Bell?

We would like to point out that our VOIP phone service is different from landline phone services in that it is delivered over the internet and when the internet is affected so is the phone - for example during a power outage where the internet is down the phone is also unavailable. For this reason, we recommend that customers have a cell phone as backup.

If I switch my phone service to WCCT, can I keep my current phone number?

Yes, you can keep your current 584, 586 or 589 number. WCCT is the only local service provider that can do this.

If I switch my phone service to WCCT, will my home phone number continue to be include in phone books?


What if I am under a contract with my current supplier?

Contact WCCT by email at, or phone at 1-855-640-8202, and we will help you sort out the commitment under your current contract. In some cases we will be able to move the contract to WCCT.

Once I sign-up how long will it take until my new service is fully operational?

5-10 days. During that time, you will receive a new modem and a phone adapter. WCCT will activate your new internet service over the supplied modem. Once your internet service is up and running, the WCCT-supplied phone adapter can be connected and WCCT will activate your VOIP phone service.

At what point do I tell my current supplier to stop giving me service?

Once you’ve signed with WCCT, we’ll deal with the transfer of service. Whatever you do in response to any follow-up queries from your current supplier, DO NOT ask your current supplier to cancel your service.

What happens if my current supplier calls and makes me an offer?

You have to decide whether you want to stay with WCCT or not. If you decide to continue with WCCT, do NOTHING more, and DO NOT ask your current supplier to cancel their service.

When I switch over to the WCCT internet service, how long will my internet be out of service?

About an hour or so, just long enough time to confirm your connection is working properly and to activate your internet service.

When I switch over to the WCCT phone service, how long will my phone be out of service?

It depends on how long it takes your current provider to transfer your phone number to WCCT.  It typically takes 4-5 days to complete the transfer.  For DSL subscribers, WCCT tries to time the transfer so it is complete the same day the DSL install is done.  For WCCT wireless subscribers, it takes hour or so, just long enough to confirm your connection is working properly and to connect your phone to the phone adapter provided by WCCT.

How is my new phone service physically connected to my old analog phone?

The WCCT-supplied phone adapter is connected to your WCCT-supplied modem and in turn your analog phone is connected to the WCCT-supplied  phone adapter. The WCCT-supplied phone adapter will support a maximum of 4 analog connections.

What do I do with my old modem/router?

Call your current supplier and ask what you should do. Most will send you a prepaid mailing package so you can return their modem/router. Please NOTE that if you do not return the modem/router, you may see a charge for it on your final bill.

How do I make a long distance call outside North America?

WCCT recommends using Skype 'pay as you go' for long distance  outside North America using a compatible cellphone, tablet or computer ( or a long distance provider like G3 Telecom that can provide you with a pay-as-you go service.

If I choose online payment can I pay directly from my Bank Account like I do with my current supplier?

Yes, you can use pre-authorized debit (PAD) from any Canadian bank, or online pay from BMO, the Northern Credit Union, Scotiabank or Tangerine (a Scotiabank affiliate), TD and CIBC. For information about payment options and the PAD application for click on the following link - WCCT Payment Options and PAD application form.

What happens to my phone system in a power outage?

When there is a power outage, your internet and phone system service can be maintained if your internet connection and phone system hardware are connected to a battery backup. Our technical support staff can help you with this.

Someone told me I can take the phone part of the service to the US for the winter – how does this work?

You disconnect your phone adapter, take it with you, connect it to the internet at your destination and connect an analog phone to the adapter. If you do decide to take your adapter with you, you may want to consider taking a simple analog phone with you.

Can I suspend service for the winter when I go south?

Yes, but you will have to pay a service suspension fee.  The fee will depend on the service you have.  Call the office at 855-640-8202 and press 2 or email

Someone told me I can link my home phone to my cell phone via this service so that I get home phone calls on my cell phone. Is this true?

Yes, you can.  You can use the call forward feature that is part of the phone package to redirect calls to another number like your cell phone. Alternatively, if you have a smartphone, you can install a SIP application on it. This will allow you to make and receive calls from your smartphone using your home phone account. A third possibility requires a subscription to WCCT’s Single Call Reach service for $7/month. This service automatically reroutes calls from your home phone to associated phones like cell phones.