WCCT (Weesoe Community Communication Technologies) is a community-based, volunteer-supported 'not-for-profit' corporation set up to:

- deliver internet services in Deep River and Laurentian Hills using 'state of the art' technology,

- promote the use of internet-related communication technologies by area residents, and  

- provide an on-going source of funding key to sustaining the Deep River & District Hospital. 

The volunteer Board consists of Rick Jones, Ross Judd, Chris Knight, Dick Rabishaw and Lucas Balemba. The current WCCT Officers are Ross Judd - President, Rick Jones - Secretary, Chris Carroll - Treasurer and Chris Knight, Director, Marketing & Sales. 

WCCT is named after the "Weesoe", a Cockburn Pointer Boat that was built at Chalk River in 1954 for Blimkie Lumber and used to pick up deadheads.  It was donated to the Deep River Yacht and Tennis Club in 1959 and used as a 'crash and general rescue boat' until it was scuttled and sank to the bottom of the Ottawa River in 1970.  

The name was chosen because the "Weesoe" is a historical link between Chalk River and Deep River. Its history represents the kind of community involvement and cooperation that is core to the success of WCCT.                 

The Weesoe fully crewed and then some ....